DF65 Assembly & Tuning


The following resources will help when assembling and rigging your boat. Note that there are slight differences between Version 1 - 5 boats and Version 6 boats.

  • DF65 Assembly - Stuff they never told me in the instruction manual

  • DF65 Rigging - More stuff they never told me

  • Instruction manual supplied with V1 - 5 kits

  • Instruction manual supplied with V6 kits

  • Soch Sails guide to building a rig


There are a number of helpful DF65 tuning resources available on the internet.

  • Soch Sails DF65 Tuning Guide

  • DF65 Tuning Tips Video by Patrick Rynne

  • Phil Burgess DF65 Setup & Tuning Guide

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